About Zuisho

Zuisho Precision Industrial was established in 1986. Our services include aluminum alloy die casting, magnesium alloy die casting, zinc alloy die casting, aluminum alloy gravity casting, aluminum alloy forging, aluminum alloy extrusion, CNC machining, passivation, general anodizing, hard anodizing, E-coating, spray painting, powder coating, laser engraving, printing, sandblasting, assembly, and reliability testing.



Our product categories are extensive, and currently, the three major categories are components and assemblies of industrial automation, optical equipment, 3C industry and aerospace. Our customers primarily come from countries such as Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Japan, China, France, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines.



  • Casting

    In 1996, we invested in establishing RYC Casting, a foundry specializing in the production of aluminum alloy castings. Through our well-established supply chain, our services have expanded to include magnesium alloy die-casting and zinc alloy die-casting. In addition to conventional casting methods, we also employ a special partial squeezing casting method, which effectively addresses issues like porosity and leaks in specific areas. more
  • CNC machining

    Our CNC machining production line leverages automation technology to effectively enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality. It boasts high precision, accuracy, and flexibility. We complement it with CMM’s, roundness testers, 2D profile projectors, roughness testers, an optical measuring machine, and air gauges to assure quality. more
  • Surface treatment

    Our surface treatment processes include passivation, general anodizing, hard anodizing, E-coating, spray painting, and powder coating. We conduct salt spray tests, adhesion tests, coating thickness tests, and resistance measurements as per customer requirements. more
  • Printing

    Our printing processes include screen printing, pad printing, and inkjet printing, which are suitable for various materials, including paper, fabric, metal, plastic, glass, and ceramics on both flat and slightly curved surfaces. This makes it possible to use these processes for printing on objects of various shapes. more
  • Laser engraving

    Our laser engraving process achieves very high precision and intricate details -- suitable for creating complex patterns, fine texts, and tiny images. It can be used to engrave various shapes and sizes on different materials, offering great flexibility. For smaller and thinner materials, it can be done very quickly and often does not require additional processings. It is applicable to materials such as metal, plastic, wood, leather, paper, ceramics, and more. more